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Open House and Student Art Show
Posted 5/11/22

Twin Creeks Student Art Show Info

This schoolwide Art Show is a time to celebrate and showcase each of our TC Tiger’s art. Kids love to see (and share with you) their art displayed in this way!

Every Twin Creeks student will have one of their art projects from this school year framed and hanging at our Art Show.

Your child’s art will be hanging together in a section along with their classmates. There will be teacher name cards above the section where their class’s art is located.

This year we’ve added student/teacher name labels to the front of each artwork, making it easier to find your child’s art project.

Not everyone in your child’s class will have the same art project on display. I try to select between 2 to 3 pieces, this adds a nice variety.

The only art you are allowed to purchase is your children’s. If you can’t make it to the Art Show but would like a friend to purchase your child’s art, please let me know via email ahead of time.

Each individual piece of framed art is attached to the display grid with a simple metal hook (S-hook). You can easily remove your child’s framed art from the display grid and bring it to the payment table. Please leave the metal hook on the display grid.

Unable to make the Art Show?

If you are not able to make it, but would still like to purchase your student’s framed art, no problem! Please email me ASAP with your child’s full name and teacher’s name. I will send their framed art to the office where you can pick it up through Friday, May 27th. Please make check for $15 payable to Twin Creeks School. Cash is also accepted.

All framed artwork that is not purchased: The art will be removed from it’s frame and placed back into your child’s art folder, which they will bring home before the last day of school. If your child’s art folder was already sent home rest assured that their Art Show piece will still be returned to them.

The Art Show will only be up the evening of Open House, from 6:00-7:30pm in the MPR. Unfortunately, we can only accept Cash or Check this year.

I am beyond thankful to you for supporting our Twin Creeks art program. It would not be possible without you!

Linda DeMello

Art Specialist, Twin Creeks Elementary