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Attendance Guidelines and Procedures

Reporting a school absence

Attendance Procedures

1. Parents will receive an “Attendance Safety Message” email and phone call by 8:30am if the school has not been able to resolve a student absence by that time.

2. If a student absence is still unresolved by the end of the day, an additional attendance message will be sent via email and phone.

All unresolved absences will be unexcused / cut absences.

Student Absences

Current Board Policy revision regarding absences.
"It shall be the responsibility of the parent and student to establish the nature of the absence to the satisfaction of the principal or designee. All absences which are not cleared within two (2) days after a student's return to school shall be recorded as UNEXCUSED or CUT." 

What is an Independent Study Contract?


Short-term Independent Study may be arranged for students that will be absent from regular instruction for a minimum of five (5) consecutive instructional days (Board Policy 6158). A request for Independent Study should be submitted at least three school days prior to the absence, and the Principal has the right to deny a short-term Independent Study agreement. If approved, the work must be completed and turned in on the assigned due date.

No contracts will be issued for more that 14 consecutive school days. 

  • Click here to request an Independent Study Contract. fill out the  form and send remotely to school office for processing at least three school days before departure (for a five day absence).
  • Pick up your students work the day before departure (or have it sent virtually).
  • All work and your student must be completed and turned in to teacher the date your student contract ends, otherwise contract is void. 

Click here to request and Independent Study

SRVUSD Attendance Policies