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Mallon, Barbara
Principal's Updates

Dear Twin Creeks families,


It is my sincere hope that everyone enjoyed summer break!  As we return to school and thoughts turn to our Twin Creeks community, it is important to review a few traffic items.


  • The driveway that runs along the back portables of the school is only to be used by families with students in rooms 11 and 12.  No one should walk down this drive.
  • There is no drop off allowed by the MPR.  Students are to enter school via the front or the back park area.  Students should not be dropped off prior to 7:50 am.
  • In the front drop off area there are designated areas that need to be honored to ensure student safety:
  1. Remember there is no parking in this area.
  2. The lane closest to the curb is the lane vehicles must be in if students are entering or exiting the vehicle.
  3. The second lane is for vehicles that are exiting the drop off area or entering the parking lot.
  4.  If entering the parking lot please make a right and go around the backside – heading straight will place you against the flow of traffic. We would hate to have an auto accident in our parking lot. 
  • In the back of the school, the white zone is designated for drop-off only. Please do not park and leave your vehicle in this area. 
  • There is also a red zone to either side of the cross walk that is important to avoid for parking and drop off. 
  • When choosing to park in the neighborhood and walk into the school please follow traffic and parking laws.
  • Please no U-turns on Dos Rios  - this is a double yellow line area.
  • At the end of our school day, it is important that students head straight home and do not linger on the playground or field area. These areas do not become public until 3:00 pm.


Lastly, when leaving the front drop off or parking lot you must turn right, left turns are not permitted during school hours.  If you park in the Twin Creeks lot please be respectful of staff parking and choose a non-marked spot to park.


Please know we have a new School Resource Officer this year -  Officer Lacy Pelayo. She has already been to campus to meet the students and staff.  She will issue citations if necessary, so remember to obey all laws. 


The staff and I sincerely appreciate your partnership in working to create a safe, inviting learning environment,


Ms. M