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Mallon, Barbara
Principal's Updates

Dear Twin Creeks Families,

There is always something very special about this time of year, as if the whole world is involved in a conspiracy of love. The holiday season provides a rich opportunity for being close to our loved ones and honoring our heritage.  It is also an extremely exciting time for our children. Thus, it is important that we work together as “cheerleaders” to keep our students engaged and learning to their fullest potential in the weeks prior to winter break. One way you can lend your voice to the cheer is through homework.

Homework completion is an important component to your child’s learning. Here are some tips for helping your child with homework:

  • Provide a regular place and time each day.
  • Make sure all materials needed are easily accessible.
  • Expect them to meet tough academic standards by encouraging perseverance and effort.
  • Don’t expect or demand perfection.
  • If it is a large, long-term assignment help your child break it into smaller assignments with time to review as a whole before the due date.
  • Review the completed homework.
  • Remind your child how to organize completed homework, so it is immediately placed in a folder and/or backpack so it is ready to turn in the next day.
  • Review teacher comments on homework that has been returned and discuss with your child.
  • Congratulate your child with specific statements such as, “I love the way you kept trying until you figured it out”; “Great job completing all the steps to get to the answer”; “Reading the questions first is a great strategy – good job”; “ I know this math assignment was hard for you, I am proud of you for doing your best and checking your answers.”


May you see the holidays through your children's eyes, there is not a more magical view to be found.  I wish a safe, peaceful, and joyous holiday season for you and yours,


Ms. M.